Dutch King opens Koppert’s new information centre

Dutch King opens Koppert’s new information centre


As part of Koppert Biological Systems’ golden jubilee anniversary yesterday (Sept 14), King Willem-Alexander unveiled the company’s new experience centre which showcases its pioneering work.

The centre is for growers, research institutes, students, and industry to find out more about the company’s vision, examine its research and development and look into production processes at Koppert in an interactive way.

It gives visitors the opportunity to experience how products are developed and how they work as well as viewing the natural enemies, bumblebees and microbiological solutions close up.

After the official opening ceremony, company directors Paul Koppert and Henri Oosthoek led the King through the displays of insects, mites, and microbiological solutions that the company produces and deploys in agriculture and horticulture.

“We have been working hand-in-hand with nature for 50 years to made agriculture and horticulture healthier and more sustainable,” says Koppert.

“Our people continuously contribute towards making cultivation practices more sustainable. The presence of the King is a recognition of their efforts and crowns our work of the last 50 years.”

King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands went on to attend the start of the international ‘Partners with Nature Seminar’ which Koppert organised as part of its jubilee celebrations. It was also attended by more than 700 international guests.

“We are only just beginning; we want to offer sustainable cultivation methods to a range of growers from high tech crops to arable crops,” adds Henri Oosthoek.

“We wish to bring our worldwide network together and work towards 100% sustainable agriculture and horticulture throughout the world in a united effort.”

The family company started fifty years ago with the idea of combating crop damaging pests using natural enemies instead of chemical agents. Koppert, which manufactures products for professionals growers, says it only searches for natural solutions.

Reservations for tours of the centre can be made via the Koppert website as of the first of October.



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