Dole offers to bake royal banana wedding cake for Prince Harry and Meghan

Dole offers to bake royal banana wedding cake for Prince Harry and Meghan


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Earlier this week rumours surfaced that Prince Harry and his bride-to-be Meghan Markle would favour a different kind of cake to mark the royal wedding next spring.

Instead of opting for the traditional fruit tiered cake, the banana-loving royal couple might prefer a banana-inspired cake to honour their nuptials, according to a report in The Telegraph which quickly began a whirlwind of stories and social media comments on the subject.

And now, the world’s largest banana supplier has stepped in to make an official invitation to bake a banana wedding cake like no other.

Mark Allison, director of culinary nutrition at the Dole Nutrition Institute in Kannapolis, North Carolina, is widely regarded as a leading authority on cooking and baking with fresh fruits and vegetables, especially bananas.

The 35-year culinary arts veteran is former dean of culinary arts education at the Johnson & Wales University (JWU). He moved to the US in 2004 from West Glamorgan, Wales.

“As a lifelong fruits and vegetables ambassador and a UK resident, designing a banana cake worthy of Prince Henry of Wales and the future Duchess Meghan Markle represents a higher calling, both personally and professionally,” said Allison.

“We’d be representing not only the thousands of Dole employees and family farmers but the hundreds of millions of banana lovers worldwide.”

Congratulatory banana memes

Dole will also track the royal engagement with a series of congratulatory banana memes inspired by Markle sharing a photo of two bananas embracing each other in October 2016, just after the two began dating.

The first illustration, of a royal banana on bended knee proposing to another banana, was posted on Dole’s social platforms on Monday.



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