Chefs, nutritionists line up to help support Veg Power campaign during Covid-19

Chefs, nutritionists line up to help support Veg Power campaign during Covid-19

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Veg Power, a not-for-profit community interest company, is appealing to UK consumers to eat more seasonal vegetables and support food producers during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Veg Power is mobilising food writers, chefs, nutritionists, and influencers to provide  content for their social channels that encourages consumers to support the #SeasonalVeg campaign. With pubs, restaurants, and hotels currently closed, Veg Power says large quantities of local seasonal vegetables are at risk of going to waste. 

The campaign is being supported by a number of top voices, including: chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall; Children’s Food Author Amanda Grant; and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). The goal is to help support “the frontline food heroes” working to bring crops to tables while reducing the risk of food waste during the pandemic.

“We grow a wonderful variety of beautiful veg in the UK, and we are just coming into the most abundant season of the year,” Fearnley-Whittingstall said. “Of course a diet big on vegetables is a massive win for our long-term health, and eating seasonal veg is also a great way to support our farmers during economically challenging times. So let’s all embrace the sheer goodness of the best vegetables this summer and beyond.”

By buying seasonal vegetables, Veg Power says people across the UK can:

  • Support local farmers and the national food supply chain
  • Support a healthy diet and help boost immunity
  • Enjoy the taste of seasonal vegetables that are often cheaper

“Switching to a diet packed full of seasonal vegetables is one of the most effective things each of us can do to reduce the environmental impact of our food and boost our immunity and general health,” Dan Parker, chief marketing officer of Veg Power said. “We’re thrilled with the huge wave of support from chefs, nutritionists and food lovers getting behind this campaign on social media.” 

Grant, who will be giving expert tips on how to get children to prepare and eat lots of different veg during the campaign, says, “By showing children how to prepare vegetables you’re teaching them new, useful life skills, as well as helping them to learn about what’s in season and relax around vegetables. Children are much more likely to eat a carrot they helped wash or peel, and when you’re in the kitchen with them it’s also a great opportunity to encourage them to try the veg in season this month.”

Veg Power was created as a result of the Peas Please campaign a collaboration between the Food Foundation,  Nourish ScotlandFood Sense Wales and the WWF to make it easier for people to choose veg. 



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