Chef’s app dishes up news feed “straight from the field”

Chef’s app dishes up news feed “straight from the field”


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Keeping a menu seasonal, fresh and up to date is crucial for chefs – and Natoora claims its new pioneering app can revolutionise the way professional kitchens order fresh produce.

Real-time data about availability, seasonality, provenance and weather conditions goes straight into the kitchen via the new app which offers real-time information for fast informed ordering.

The objective is to cut through what Natoora describes as the “hazy supply chain” by giving chefs up-to-the-minute information that can inform their menus, fresh ingredient selections and encourage innovation by replacing outdated ordering systems.

The live in-depth news feeds makes sure data about fruit and vegetable sizing, flavours, freshness and more gets into the fast-paced kitchen environment.

Chefs can add items mentioned in the feed directly to their basket, ensuring they are always ordering according to the latest knowledge.

“Using the app lets us work with nature,” says Covent Garden-based Frenchie head chef, Daniele Codini.

“It allows us to respond quickly to sudden shifts in fruit and vegetables and take advantage of things like heightened sweetness or very short seasons – something you would miss if you blinked.”

CEO of London-based fruit and vegetable specialist Natoora, Franco Fubini, claims the new app delivers an unprecedented level and frequency of information.

“Chefs will have access to a depth of product information which allows them to react daily to changes in product quality, provenance or adverse weather effects,” he says.  

“It marks a radical shift from hazy supply chains to one with complete transparency.”

He adds how some chefs still rely on weekly market reports for their produce news which are often extremely outdated and order over the phone regularly leaving voicemails or emails to place their orders.

The app also has a “features” page with comprehensive information on Natoora’s produce which can inspire chefs to cook up innovative dishes using a wide range of fresh produce sourced from all over Europe.

The features function delves deeper into related topics like soil health, seed selection, grower heritage and fruit and vegetable harvesting.

The app is currently under limited release as part of a Beta phase with a roll out planned in the months ahead.



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