Branded Metis plumcots hit UK shelves

Branded Metis plumcots hit UK shelves


A plum-apricot cross stone fruit branded as Metis is debuting in UK fresh produce aisles following successful sales in Europe.

Launched by fresh produce variety development companies France-based Star Fruits and Spain’s Rusticas Del Guadalquivir, the plumcot brand hits Britain for the first time, according to brand marketing specialist, Corego.

Metis is cultivated in Italy, Spain and France by growers including Royal Zani, Minguzzi and Blue Whale, but originally the plumcot varieties behind the Metis brand, were developed by California-based Glen Bradford of BQ Genetics.

Plumcots come from natural cross-pollination, manual or by bees, and there is no genetic manipulation. The fruit is characterised by its sweet flavour, crisp and juicy texture, and mildly tart skin.

Metis comes in four categories; the juicy and deep red-coloured Oxy, yellow-flesh and red-skinned Tonic; an unusual mottled green-skinned Safari which has a sweet flavour and the purple-skinned, yellow-fleshed Aroma.

According to Corego, the Metis plumcot comes from natural cross-pollination by bees using selected apricot pollen and plum bloom in the first step, and the resulting varieties are then crossed with plum trees eventually producing firmer and more flavoursome stone fruit, that is juicy as a traditional plum, but easier to eat.

“This mouth-watering new fruit is sure to be a hit with UK consumers. Not only does it offer a consistently great eating experience, but it’s easier to eat and a lot more durable, meaning it’s great for lunch boxes and on-the-go snacking. With four to choose from, there is sure to be a Metis everyone will love,” says Michelle Toft, chief marketing officer at Coregeo.

“We’re really excited to be bringing this new brand to the UK market; we see huge potential for growth both here and across Europe. Metis is the product of extensive work by Glen Bradford and his son-in-law Jon Quisenberry, guided by the fact that consumers’ tastes are constantly evolving, especially in the fresh produce aisle.

“We know consumers are always on the lookout for exciting new fruit, and we’re sure Metis will catch their eye and deliver on flavour to secure repeat purchase.”

With high expectations for the Metis stone fruit, the group is looking to build a long-term strategy for the fruit and is working with growers in the Southern Hemisphere to boost production and work towards a year-round supply.

Metis stands for “the Most Exciting Tasting Inter Specific”.



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