Asda champions local produce with Britain’s biggest ever watermelon crop
Asda’s watermelon grower, Joe Cottingham from Watts Farms

Asda champions local produce with Britain’s biggest ever watermelon crop


watermelons - yellow flesh

A 1,000-strong crop of exotic and juicy watermelon has been grown by supplier Watts Farms which replicated growing techniques often used in Spain and other European producing countries.

Cultivated in poly tunnels with insulated soil to create natural heat for optimum conditions, the watermelons (priced £3 each) are hitting the supermarket’s shelves tomorrow (Sept 12).

“We’re always looking at ways in which we can adopt innovative growing techniques to try and become more self-sufficient here in the UK and provide customers with more choice when it comes to the British produce they see on the shelf,” says Asda’s watermelon grower, Joe Cottingham.

“We’re proud to have worked closely with Asda to grow 1,000 British watermelons in a climate traditionally unsuitable for the fruit.”

The retailer also says the fruit is increasingly popular, predicting the sale of more than two million watermelons this year.

And next year, Asda will be selling yellow-fleshed watermelons, also grown by Cottingham. He has already cultivated a small volume of the fruit which has the same taste and consistency as its red counterpart but is a golden colour.



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