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    UK research company says exotic fruit to drive growth in reefer shipping trade

    While the demand for pineapples has slowed, mangos, persimmons, durians and particularly avocados have seen soaring interest. Read more >

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    Supermarkets decide to repay business relief rates to UK government

    Tesco chairman: 'We are financially strong enough to be able to return this to the public, and we are conscious of our responsibilities to society.' Read more >

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    Waitrose Food and Drink Report unveils unique trends among shoppers due to COVID

    With consumers hunkering down more during the pandemic and likely continuing many trends in the future, there may be new opportunities to get more fresh produce in their hands. Read more >

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    Notes: New York Produce Show and Conference going virtual on Wednesday

    The incredibly popular global event, which is free to attend and runs through Friday, will return live in New York City in 2021. Read more >

  • Winter vegetables

    Produce notes: New £3m facility in North East will become produce hub

    Sainsbury's expanding store hours during festive season to promote safety in stores; China looking at tighter food import guidelines. Read more >

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    Tesco CEO discusses current supermarket environment, support for others

    The retailer's online services continue to grow, and with it, its support for both colleagues and customers has expanded to meet demand. Read more >

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    Despite challenges, Total Produce reports trading has been positive this year

    The Ireland-based multinational company reduced expectations in August but says it saw surprisingly strong numbers from the first part of 2020. Read more >

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    UN's FAO says water shortages must be addressed 'immediately and boldly'

    As the global population grows, available freshwater resources per person have declined by more than 20 per cent over the past two decades. Read more >

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    EU imposes retaliatory tariffs on fresh, frozen blueberries coming from U.S.

    Report: now that the election has ended, the UK plans to impose the duties as part of the action as long as the duties from the U.S. remain in place. Read more >

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    Aldi continues to grow Deliveroo options as it heads towards Christmas

    The discount retailer is not only offering low prices to consumers but also finding success in getting those orders to them through the partnership. Read more >