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    UK hit by brassica shortage, particularly cauliflower, following 'extreme weather'

    Shortage forces some suppliers to buy from other countries and scarcity of the vegetable has caused prices to rise, in some cases to £1.50 and £2.00 per head. Read more >


    South African blueberry industry, reliant on exports to UK, forecasts soaring growth

    Great growing conditions, new varieties and increasing demand have put the nation on par with the Netherlands and the United States in terms of the fruit's production. Read more >


    Sainsbury's cuts down on plastic as supermarkets embrace eco-friendly trend

    But Greenpeace spokesperson says, 'if Sainsbury's wants to move from the bottom of our supermarket league table, it will need to cut much more plastic over the next year.' Read more >


    Freshfel Europe says EU must 'urgently' tackle export market barriers

    The advocacy group stresses that its recommendations would help reverse current restrictions on fruit and vegetable exports so the EU can diversify market opportunities to new markets worldwide. Read more >

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    Q&A: Greencell Ltd. director discusses EU avocado market's import shortfall, Spanish harvest

    Graham Young also says "a surge in popularity of plant-based diets is driving further growth with the avocado’s unrivaled diversity becoming a key ingredient." Read more >

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    British farms who lend helping hand to students in running for top education awards

    Nine of the region's farms that work with schools and sschoolchildren are vying for top honours from LEAF Education and Bayer Crop Science. Read more >


    South Africa: Citrus industry hopeful for resolution to port crisis as operator takes action

    Europe experiences high volumes, particularly because of a bumper crop of oranges and lemons from Spain; grapefruit shippers report strong market conditions. Read more >


    Dutch produce industry officials tout prioritizing fairer pricing and circular agriculture

    Tim Heddema and Gert Mulder boldly discuss the future of produce, from "precision farming" to consumer cost to the potential for one world fresh certfication system. Read more >

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    Swedish supermarket ICA creates buzz year-round with new fruit and veg opportunities

    The cutting-edge retailer has turned produce into a destination department by pitching healthy foods during holidays such as Halloween and Easter and during big events such as the World Cup. Read more >


    FareShare: Combating food waste at retail is a beneficial and 'necessary business cost'

    Tesco and other supermarkets have set the bar high with their charitable donations that help feed nearly one million people per week, but more can be done to ensure good food isn't going in the bin. Read more >