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    Breaking down walls: Transforming working practices to fulfil staff, scale, survive and adapt

    Leading HR thinker Perry Timms discusses The Fourth Industrial Revolution and examples of how it can enable any organisation to create a “better business for a better world.” Read more >


    Future workplace will combine people, digital technology and physical place

    Futurist Philip Ross believes an unfixed desk and activity-based working environment, enabled by wireless technologies, will energise employees and save money. Read more >

  • HR event 2019 David Frost Total Produce 2

    Look to the future: A smart succession plan can be vital for fresh produce business survival

    Total Produce director David Frost shares his methods for developing leadership talent, worker engagement and innovative thinking. Read more >

  • NIGEL1

    New human resources event envisages future workplace, workforce and work practices

    Philip Ross, David Frost and Perry Timms, three well-respected speakers, shared the progressive strategies required for the new world of work. Read more >

  • Mayda

    SealdSweet CEO talks about what she has seen and expects to see in world of global trade

    Mayda Sotomayor-Kirk: 'I have seen things and lived the most incredible human experience of seeing people — the workers, the laborers, the farmers, and the commitment they’ve had.' Read more >