Aldi UK steps up recruitment drives with thousands of full- and part-time jobs

Aldi UK steps up recruitment drives with thousands of full- and part-time jobs

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Aldi has launched a recruitment drive to hire 9,000 new workers as it steps up its efforts to support communities affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

The UK supermarket is offering 5,000 fixed-term contracts in stores and distribution centres with an immediate start date. Although contracts are offered on a temporary basis, these could become permanent in the future.

“We want to keep supporting our local communities through these uncertain times, with access to groceries and wages to keep their families going, and we feel we’re in a position to be able to do so through the creation of these new roles,” Recruitment Director, Kelly Stokes, said. “We have a huge number of roles to fill across the business so we’re encouraging everyone who has been affected by COVID-19’s impact on the economy to explore our available roles and see if we can get you back into work.”
Aldi says the addition of thousands of new colleagues will help replenish stock more quickly and provide additional assistance to customers visiting stores. All new recruits will earn a minimum of £9.30 nationally or £10.90, if they are working at a store or distribution centre in London. 
Additionally, Aldi still has 4,000 permanent roles to fill across all aspects of the business, including stores, head office and logistics. For its stores alone, the discount supermarket is seeking more than 2,700 store assistants across every region in the country. Store assistants are responsible for keeping stores running smoothly and carrying out tasks such as till operation, stock management and stock merchandising. Varied Head Office and logistics roles are also available.



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