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Aldi slashes prices again, this time on 10 fruits and vegetables

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Two weeks ago, Aldi knocked down prices on 30 items storewide, including a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables. Though the dips were subtle, they were nonetheless significant for as the discounter remains the best bargain in the eyes of consumers.

On Thursday, it did it again by reducing the costs of 10 fresh produce items, including two by more than 30p: the 340g Nature’s Salad Bowl, now £1.19, and 150g Blackberries, also at the same price.

Aldi brass continues to hit at the heart strings of shoppers with lower prices and by empathising with their budget concerns.

“Every week we are working hard to make new savings to pass on to our customers and help ensure we always offer them the lowest grocery prices,” said Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi UK. “We know that shoppers are having to make hard choices at the moment, so are doing we can to offer the lowest prices possible. That’s why shoppers continue to switch to Aldi from every other supermarket.”

So Aldi dropped the price on a 450g tin of Specially Selected Regal Vine Tomatoes by 20p to £1.49. It also lowered the cost on a 440g punnet of strawberries by 15p. The rest of the reductions were all by 10p: a 4-pack of Specially Selected seedless oranges (now £1.89); 440 g Specially Selected piccolo tomatoes (£2.29); 1 kg of strawberries (£3.79); 2.5kg of baking potatoes (£1.59); 240g baby spinach (£0.79); and 227g Everyday Essentials strawberries (£1.09).

Though not a tremendous dip, the slightest drop in price is still important since Aldi remains the cheapest shop of all supermarkets in the UK for an average spend, according to Which? Discount rival Lidl is close, putting Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, ASDA and others on their heels a bit in trying to remain competitive. What makes Aldi’s last two price drops even more significant is the inclusion of produce and not just staple shelf items. With eating healthy also on consumers’ minds, the discounter is positioning itself to gain ground on fresh, quality items, too.



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