Greengages are all the rage at Waitrose shops for home cooks, pastry chefs

Waitrose British Greengages - Greengage and Leckford Estate Brut Jam

Photo courtesy of Waitrose

UK retailer Waitrose has welcomed in the arrival of a greengage bumper crop a week earlier than usual.

Customers who are in lockdown and cooking more frequently at home have been keen to pick up the prime plums for use in seasonal jams. Waitrose says clicks for greengage jam recipes on its website have increased 134%.

"Our British greengages have a loyal following from those who have discovered the treats these little green heritage plums offer," Tim Stevens, Waitrose Fruit Buyer says. "Their naturally high pectin levels combined with the fact that the season is short, but sweet, means they are a jam makers delight with those in the know able to enjoy the fruits of their labour throughout the year."

The supermarket has gotten its greengages for three decades from longtime supplier Gloucestershire grower Michael Bentley. the green-coloured fruits are great for cooking in sweet and savoury dishes, such as chutneys.

"Greengages are a truly Great British fruit that are beautifully rich and floral whilst at the same time offering an elegant sourness to tastebuds," said Will Torrent, Waitrose Development Pastry Chef.

The fruits are being sold for £1.80 for 300g and are available both in store and online.

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