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  • figs

    Healthy and flavourful, figs prove to be a brilliant choice for consumers

    Waitrose notes the success they've enjoyed over the past year as shoppers have increased their purchases of the power-packed fruit Read more >

  • hai-nguyen-LSZfNPVZjTw-unsplash

    At halfway point in Around the World quest, Branston workers on track to hit goal

    The potato supplier's employees have completed more than 12,000 miles in their fitness challenge to help support three charities Read more >

  • august-packaging-1

    Produce packaging evolving to meet demand during COVID-19 pandemic

    Consumers’ health and safety concerns have turned up the dial on demand for various kinds of fruit and vegetable packaging. Read more >

  • plc_avozilla_banner

    Roundup: Tesco preparing for huge splash in sales from return of Avozilla

    The South African monster fruit is even larger this season, but can the UK retailer capitalise on the same craze that hit stores last year? Read more >

  • kim-gorga-MEwi8OUU5j4-unsplash

    Berry Gardens launches first locally produced British organic blueberries

    Soaring demand and the quality of the Liberty variety being grown by Haygrove mean a windfall of healthy berries for Waitrose customers. Read more >

  • 4.5KG La Dona TRUE ORIGINS3

    La Dona Fruit gives avocado and lime boxes a 'much-needed' new look

    Trying to capture the flavour of its products and proud heritage, the Colombia producer and exporter says it hopes the look brings colour and sunshine." Read more >

  • 0

    South African growers drive UK campaign to debunk myths on raisins

    The dried fruit is not a sugary snack but a powerhouse of nutrients and should be promoted and marketed that way, says Raisins South Africa. Read more >

  • Jupiter-Groups-partnership-with-DiMuto-sees-system-blockchain-solution

    Jupiter Group teams with blockchain provider DiMuto to guarantee freshness

    An estimated total of 10 million cartons of fresh produce and approximately 500 million individual pieces of fruit will be tracked and traced on the DiMuto platform. Read more >

  • View-002

    UK government provides assist on high-tech SmartParc food facility in Derby

    The £18m investment will help launch the £300m project and research centre, giving the city an economic jolt and the UK a massive boost in manufacturing and distribution. Read more >

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