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    Waitrose Food and Drink Report unveils unique trends among shoppers due to COVID

    With consumers hunkering down more during the pandemic and likely continuing many trends in the future, there may be new opportunities to get more fresh produce in their hands. Read more >


    Borough Market launches new ordering, delivery service that includes produce

    Newly appointed team members will hand pick fruits and vegetables and will deliver customers' weekly orders free the next day within the M25 zone Read more >

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    Roundup: Tesco preparing for huge splash in sales from return of Avozilla

    The South African monster fruit is even larger this season, but can the UK retailer capitalise on the same craze that hit stores last year? Read more >

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    La Dona Fruit gives avocado and lime boxes a 'much-needed' new look

    Trying to capture the flavour of its products and proud heritage, the Colombia producer and exporter says it hopes the look brings colour and sunshine." Read more >

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    UK government provides assist on high-tech SmartParc food facility in Derby

    The £18m investment will help launch the £300m project and research centre, giving the city an economic jolt and the UK a massive boost in manufacturing and distribution. Read more >

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    Profits surge at Tesco in H1

    The retailer notched a whopping 691.5% rise in profit before tax to £562m in the first half of 2017-18. Read more >

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    Tesco snaps up bountiful strawberry crop for bank holiday sales

    Cut-price bumper boxes hit the shelves after one grower produced extra volumes thanks to an ideal mix of warm and wet weather. Read more >

  • Miniature avocados

    Tesco trialling rare miniature avocados

    The snack-sized variety with a skin that can be peeled by hand, have hit 100 stores nationwide as the country’s appetite for avocado skyrockets. Read more >

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