• Jim Prevor - PBUK

    Why Lidl will succeed where Tesco failed in the US

    • , Jim Prevor
    Jim Prevor predicted that Tesco was on the wrong path in the US; but thinks Lidl is headed in the right direction.
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  • Darren A Smith_Making Business Matter

    How smooth are your soft skills?

    • , Darren Smith
    Darren Smith, trainer to the UK supermarkets and former produce buying manager talks scorecards, competency frameworks and how to develop the soft skills vital to a buyer
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  • Martin Lane, money.co.uk

    Have supermarkets been superseded?

    • , Martin Lane
    Martin Lane of money.co.uk gives his refreshing take on the role of the major multiples as they learn the lessons of a turbulent UK retail scene
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  • Liz OKeefe

    Christmas trends are coming to town

    • , Liz O'Keefe
    Chef and food-writer Liz O’Keefe brings us a round-up of the retailers’ festive plans following their Christmas press events this summer
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  • Sarah Rudder

    Getting graduates to notice what you offer

    • , Sarah Rudder
    Learning and development specialist at Thales Learning & Development, Sarah Rudder explains why employers and recent students are not always looking for the same thing and how companies can ensure they meet graduate expectations
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  • TOMMY 1

    Could personal support resurrect generic promotion?

    • , Tommy Leighton
    Tommy Leighton asks why, when industry-wide generic promotion has failed in the UK, we don’t learn a lesson from the US and back our healthy produce with our own funds
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  • Mr Gilad Simhony

    Favourites become the favoured route for online shoppers

    • , Gilad Simhony
    Gilad Simhony, ceo of mySupermarket.co.uk looks at how brands can turn consumers’ use of Favourites on grocery websites to their advantage
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  • Jonathan Winchester Shopper Anonymous

    The benefits of walking away this summer

    • , Jonathan Winchester
    Customer experience consultant Jonathan Winchester shares his thoughts on the importance for business of taking a break
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  • Briony Dunmore

    Does the arrival of Amazon Fresh mark a new dawn in an era of choice?

    • , Briony Dunmore
    At a BerrryWorld masterclass Briony Dunmore reflects on quality-based marketing and the likely impact of the newest player on the UK grocery market
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  • Amy Lance_Waitrose buyer

    Are we wasting water by growing food?

    • , Amy Lance
    Amy Lance brings us the third instalment in her sabbatical year from her buying job with Waitrose asking important questions about post-harvest and gene technology developments
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