• Richard-Hanwell-200x200

    Is transparency the key to growing a food business?

    • , Richard Hanwell
    Richard Hanwell, associate director of FMCG recruitment agency,The Sterling Choice, delves into the importance of transparency for food businesses pushed to reveal “the good, the bad and the ugly”, to their consumers - and what happens to them if they don’t.
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  • Sarah Baker

    What will happen to plant health and plant protection product regulations after Brexit?

    • , Sarah Baker
    Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) senior analyst Sarah Baker examines the complex scope for change once Britain exits the EU.
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  • Amy Lance

    The bikers on a mission to educate kids about fruit and veg

    • , Amy Lance
    Waitrose fruit buyer, Amy Lance, is on the last leg of her year-long sabbatical working with growers around the world. At her latest stop in South Africa she caught up with the guys behind ‘The Great Fruit Adventure’.
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  • Leena Camadoo Photo

    Fairtrade Fortnight: Fighting exploitation and tackling transparency through banana certification

    • , Leena Camadoo
    As part of Fairtrade Fortnight (Monday 27 February - Sunday 12 March), banana supply chain manager Leena Camadoo explains why certification must be matched with capacity-building.
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  • Jim Prevor

    In true Trump fashion, the UK should use leverage of being tariff-free to all nations except the EU

    • , Jim Prevor
    Jim Prevor shares his insights into the post-Brexit behaviour of UK politicians as he wonders whether pulling out of the EU means shrinking back to the British Isles, maintaining the status quo with Europe or opening up to the non-European world?
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  • Jonathan Winchester Shopper Anonymous

    In uncertain times, be the certainty your customer needs

    • , Jonathan Winchester
    Customer experience analyst Jonathan Winchester gives his six top tips to keep customers reassured and relying on you
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  • Nick Miller, Crimson&Co 3

    Could Amazon’s disruption of the marketplace spark unlikely alliances?

    • , Nick Miller
    As Amazon seeks to become almost all things to almost all people, competitors are being forced to think outside the box to keep pace
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  • Joanne Denney-Finch landscape

    Get ahead or get left behind in tomorrow’s grocery landscape

    • , Joanne Denney-Finch
    IGD chief executive Joanne Denney-Finch outlines her vision of efficiency and inspiration for retail world-wide
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  • TOMMY 1

    Two countries, one aim – let’s increase vegetable consumption

    • , Tommy Leighton
    On the eve of The Amsterdam Produce Show and Conference, Tommy Leighton looks at Dutch and UK initiatives to boost vegetable uptake
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  • Jim Prevor - PBUK

    Being audacious in Amsterdam

    • , Jim Prevor
    Jim Prevor looks ahead as the inaugural Amsterdam Produce Show and Conference opens this week
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