• Jeff Jackson

    Do UK retailers really get their suppliers?

    • , Jeff Jackson
    Industry leader Jeff Jackson gives his lowdown on how three emerging trends require further strategic response from retailers
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  • patrick2

    Organic sector can build with focus on customer relevance

    • , Patrick O’Flaherty
    Organic Trade Board member Patrick O'Flaherty offers his thoughts on where the category is heading
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  • More than just a pretty plate

    More than just a pretty plate

    • , Liz O’Keefe
    Chef and food journalist Liz O’Keefe examines the complexity of the UK’s foodservice business and its upcoming trends
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  • Tommy Leighton - PBUK

    Is it time to revise our views on banana pricing?

    • , Tommy Leighton
    PBUK’s managing director Tommy Leighton discusses what’s important to British consumers in their banana purchasing decisions
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  • Jim Prevor - PBUK

    Initiating a new path for industry improvement

    • , Jim Prevor
    The Perishable Pundit, Jim Prevor, charts the journey to launching Phoenix Media Network’s new digital publication, Produce Business UK
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