• Diogo M. de Souza Monteiro and Lynn J. Frewer

    Using vegetables as a pathway to sustainable diets

    • , Diogo M. de Souza Monteiro & Lynn J. Frewer
    Diogo de Souza Monteiro and Lynn Frewer from Newcastle University discuss the role that vegetables and fungi could play as alternative sources of protein to feed the world’s growing population in a sustainable manner
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  • Liz O

    Why food should capitalise on that festival feeling

    • , Liz O’Keefe
    After hosting cookery demos at two family-focused festivals this summer, chef and food writer Liz O’Keefe says there’s a growing interest among children to know more about the uses, origins and flavours of fruit and veg that fresh produce companies could satisfy
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  • Jaime Cardenas Peru Trade and Investment Office in the UK

    Peru offers the UK a paradise of opportunities to discover

    • , Jaime Cardenas
    Jaime Cardenas, director of the Peru Trade & Investment Office in the UK, which works to develop business in the UK for Peruvian products, outlines what Peru has to offer UK buyers from a macro-economic, supply and infrastructure perspective
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  • TOMMY 1

    How do you solve a problem like butternut?

    • , Tommy Leighton
    Fresh from moderating the first Sakata butternut squash conference in Spain, Tommy Leighton discusses five key findings from his consumer research and highlights avenues of opportunity for the vegetable
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  • Dom Weaver RED Communications

    Peru presents significant opportunities for discount chains

    • , Dom Weaver
    PR specialist Dominic Weaver says Peru is very well positioned to capitalise on the growth of the discounters in the UK, and vice versa
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  • Jack Ward British Growers

    Why branding is an important component of your reputation

    • , Jack Ward
    As buyers become more selective about the companies they want in their supply chain, here British Growers president Jack Ward encourages suppliers to create the right brand image to gain and retain customers
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  • Jim Prevor - PBUK

    Thinking Afresh In The Amazon Age

    • , Jim Prevor
    The Perishable Pundit, Jim Prevor, believes Amazon can do a lot of damage to competitors if it enters the UK produce market, unless retailers rethink their strategic direction
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  • Andy Barnetson, CPI

    Packaging is your key partner in reducing supply chain waste

    • , Andy Barnetson
    Andy Barnetson from the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) details how corrugated packaging can play an important role in safeguarding the saleability of fruit and vegetables
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  • Laura Tomlinson PamLloyd PR

    Put customer experience at the heart of retail marketing

    • , Laura Tomlinson
    Marketing consultant Laura Tomlinson explains why direct engagement between consumers and products or brands is as valuable as ever, if not more so, in today’s ‘new’ retail landscape
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  • TOMMY 1

    Tall bookworms from Little Libraries grow

    • , Tommy Leighton
    Tommy Leighton highlights the impact that not-for-profit organisation Little Libraries is having on local communities in Cape Town thanks to support from Cool Fresh and its supply base
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