• TOMMY 1

    British production should not be increased unless it makes long-term commercial sense

    • , Tommy Leighton
    Tommy Leighton considers the commercial, political and ideological implications of increasing fruit and vegetable production in the UK in order to meet recommended dietary guidelines
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  • Khaled El Haggan CEO EGO Egypt

    Suez Canal expansion to speed up and cut cost of Egyptian logistics

    • , Khaled El-Haggan
    Khaled El-Haggan, CEO of the Egyptian Growers’ Organization (EGO), provides us with an overview of the latest Egyptian produce logistics developments, paying particular attention to the Suez Canal mega-project
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  • Rupal Marthur IGD analyst

    Aldi Specialbuys: will shoppers buy discount online?

    • , Rupal Mathur
    IGD retail analyst Rupal Mathur questions whether UK consumers could be buying more online from discounters as she examines their potential to tap into the growth of internet grocery shopping
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  • Nick Miller_Crimson and Co

    Why it’s important not to sugar-coat facts when it comes to ensuring an effective supply chain

    • , Nick Miller
    Nick Miller at supply chain consultancy Crimson & Co explains why the recent Mars product recall serves as a timely reminder of the importance of complete visibility across the supply chain
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  • Jonathan Winchester Shopper Anonymous

    Does digital technology enhance feedback results or just make the process look pretty?

    • , Jonathan Winchester
    Shopper Anonymous CEO Jonathan Winchester says honest customer feedback is the foundation on which to create a profitable and successful business – as long as the right tools are used to gather those opinions
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  • Dr Gail Rees_Associate Professor in Human Nutrition at Plymouth University School of Biomedical and Healthcare Sciences

    A tax on sugar is the bitter pill that is needed

    • , Dr Gail Rees
    Dr Gail Rees, Associate Professor in Human Nutrition at Plymouth University School of Biomedical and Healthcare Sciences, argues the sugar tax is a sensible step because obesity – directly and indirectly – is a concern for all
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  • Marketing_Sarah Calcutt

    Using social media to enhance connections with buyers and the public

    • , Sarah Calcutt
    Marketing specialist Sarah Calcutt discusses why the produce industry needs to crank up its social media activity a gear to share knowledge and help consumers make purchasing decisions
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  • Professor Tim Benton University of Leeds

    Feeding the future: where does GM fit in?

    • , Professor Tim Benton
    Professor Tim Benton from Leeds University suggests there are two solutions to feeding the world’s growing population – increasing yields to meet demand without expanding area, and/or reducing demand enough to allow supply to catch up
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  • Opinion_PeterBackman

    Why foodservice needs to innovate its offer continually

    • , Peter Backman
    As overcapacity in the UK eating-out market is likely to slow growth in the longer term, restaurant operators must continue to find new ways to keep their menus fresh, says foodservice expert Peter Backman
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  • Jim Prevor - PBUK

    What to expect from changing times in the UK foodservice and home delivery environment

    • , Jim Prevor
    The Perishable Pundit, Jim Prevor, gives his insight into what the recent Sysco-Brakes and Amazon-Morrisons deals could entail, highlighting that opportunities remain open to innovative and agile businesses
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