• TOMMY 1

    What next for London’s fruit, vegetable and flower wholesale markets?

    • , Tommy Leighton
    Tommy Leighton examines the harsh economic realities facing the capital city’s wholesale landlords and tenants as the value of their sites rises and talk of composite markets gains traction
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  • Services_Food waste puts shelf life back on agenda_Gal Wollach, vice president of international sales at ROP

    We’re providing solutions, we're not selling plug-in plastic products

    • , Gal Wollach
    Gal Wollach, vice-president of international sales at R.O.P., says there has to be far more to modern produce packaging solutions than simply extending the shelf life of the product to gratify buyers
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  • Nick Carroll Mintel

    How convenience stores are best suited to cash in on top-up shopping growth

    • , Nick Carroll
    Nick Carroll, retail analyst at Mintel, says the UK convenience grocery business is booming as 17% of Brits visit local stores at least four times a week
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  • Phil Foster Love Energy Savings

    Why it pays for businesses to treat their staff like customers

    • , Phil Foster
    With 40% of people in the UK feeling that their employer doesn’t do enough to engage them, Phil Foster from Love Energy Savings shares some top tips for improving employee engagement
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  • Nic Joose marketing director Cool Fresh International

    First come the innovators, then the imitators, then the idiots…

    • , Nic Jooste
    Nic Jooste, director of marketing and corporate social responsibility at Dutch importer-distributor Cool Fresh International, points out why copying innovation goes against the grain of differentiation
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  • Tom Davenport Head of Partnerships at MarketInvoice

    More must be done to protect suppliers from unfair retail payment terms

    • , Tom Davenport
    Tom Davenport at MarketInvoice claims worsening supermarket payment terms are a ‘real worry’ for suppliers; explaining that a radical overhaul of the business relationship is required
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  • Amy Lance_Waitrose buyer

    Jumping the fence – transitioning from buyer to grower

    • , Amy Lance
    As she heads off on a 12-month horticultural sabbatical, Waitrose buyer Amy Lance reveals what she hopes to achieve from working across the UK, California, west Africa and South Africa
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  • Briony Dunmore

    Crowdfunding first could mark way forward for produce promotions

    • , Briony Dunmore
    Our very own Briony Dunmore recounts the first Crowdfunded asparagus feast in the UK; highlighting the benefits other produce categories could reap from funding similar profile and exposure building events
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  • Jim Prevor - PBUK

    UK led astray by ‘At least 5 a day’ message

    • , Jim Prevor
    Jim Prevor, the Perishable Pundit, offers his insight into why generic promotional pleas to increase fresh-produce consumption might have failed and offers fresh ideas on different approaches
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  • Hannah Maundrell editor in chief money.co.uk

    Being honest with customers and employees is a win-win for all

    • , Hannah Maundrell
    Hannah Maundrell, editor in chief at money.co.uk, says being transparent about customer and employee rights not only builds loyalty but makes good business sense
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