• Deborah Winchester_Director_Shopper Anonymous

    Five ways to earn your customers’ trust

    • , Deborah Winchester
    Deborah Winchester of Shopper Anonymous discusses how to navigate the ‘age of the customer’ and create trust in order to build loyalty and drive repeat purchases
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  • Adrian Barlow English Apples and Pears

    Adequate topfruit supply depends on sufficient grower returns

    • , Adrian Barlow
    Adrian Barlow calls on retailers and growers to work together to set the necessary level of return that will safeguard supply for consumers to continue enjoying English apples and pears
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  • Hannah Maundrell editor in chief money.co.uk

    UK supermarkets must learn valuable lessons on consumer desire

    • , Hannah Maundrell
    Hannah Maundrell at money.co.uk claims every retail chain in the UK should learn from last year’s price race to the bottom by hanging their hat on something unique to define their place in the market
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  • David Hughes and Miguel Flavian

    Fresh victims of the price war: why commodity fruit and vegetables are going bananas

    • , Professor David Hughes and Miguel Flavián
    Professor David Hughes and Miguel Flavián discuss how retailers can make the most of well-known fresh fruit and vegetable value items and sell more volume without lowering prices
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  • David Cheetham

    UK supermarkets wake up to strategic shift

    • , David Cheetham
    David Cheetham, a market analyst with contract-for-difference and foreign-exchange broker XTB.com, looks beyond food at how the UK supermarkets are switching tactics to deal with the shifting subtleties of the retail scene
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  • Natalie Pavich Phoenix Media Network

    No prior agricultural experience required

    • , Natalie Pavich
    After touring UK educational institutions for the inaugural Fresh Careers Fair, Natalie Pavich, Phoenix Media Network’s business development director, has found students from a number of disciplines are opening their eyes to the wide-ranging job opportunities offered by the produce industry
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  • Jim Prevor - PBUK

    Tesco and the GCA report: policies that seem to harm suppliers may harm Tesco most of all

    • , Jim Prevor
    Jim Prevor, the Perishable Pundit, offers his analysis of supplier payment practices at the UK’s largest supermarket chain and the investigation by the Groceries Code Adjudicator
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  • Francisco Mena ProEcuador UK trade commissioner

    Seeking new buyers for Ecuadorian tropicals and exotics

    • , Francisco Mena
    ProEcuador UK trade commissioner Francisco Mena details what Ecuador can offer buyers who are looking to satisfy rising market demand for the non-traditional flavours offered by fruits like papayas, pineapples, pitahaya and physalis
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  • TOMMY 1

    Focus on people can save produce sector

    • , Tommy Leighton
    Tommy Leighton argues that both the fresh produce supply chain and buyers across the retail spectrum have much to do to optimise their human resources in years to come
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  • Darren A Smith_Making Business Matter

    Stop using industry terms and start using shopper language

    • , Darren Smith
    Darren Smith of Making Business Matter claims the terminology used by produce buyers and suppliers is “out-of-date” and “out-of-kilter” with shoppers; meaning the less the industry talks like shoppers, the less it will sell
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