• Hannah Maundrell editor in chief money.co.uk

    Being honest with customers and employees is a win-win for all

    • , Hannah Maundrell
    Hannah Maundrell, editor in chief at money.co.uk, says being transparent about customer and employee rights not only builds loyalty but makes good business sense
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  • Phil Turner Direct365

    Could you be doing more to ensure health and safety at work?

    • , Phil Turner
    Phil Turner, head of digital at Direct365, offers tips from a number of experts regarding the steps employers can take to protect their workers
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  • Arno van der Maden CBI

    Why buyers should view Central America as a preferred source

    • , Arno van der Maden
    Arno van der Maden from CBI’s Central American Agro Food Export Programme points out why he believes the region should be not seen as merely an alternative source
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  • Liz OKeefe

    Using supper clubs to champion produce and provenance

    • , Liz O’Keefe
    Chef and food writer Liz O’Keefe lets us in on how she is creating a stage to promote consumer awareness and interest in fresh fruits, vegetables and their suppliers
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  • Simone Baroke_Euromonitor analyst

    Promoting healthy choices to combat childhood obesity has its limitations

    • , Simone Baroke
    Euromonitor International analyst Simone Baroke evaluates the challenges and opportunities for EU healthy school food programmes; suggesting a policy rethink may be needed
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  • Jonathan Winchester Shopper Anonymous

    Using social media to put your brand where your customers are

    • , Jonathan Winchester
    Jonathan Winchester says businesses cannot afford to ignore the opportunity to actively ‘pull in’ the millions of consumers that use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or WhatsApp
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  • Alison Walthew, manager at Crimson and Co

    Aldi recall demonstrates importance of supplier relationship management

    • , Alison Walthew
    Following Aldi's forced recall of a range of products, Alison Walthew from supply chain consultancy Crimson & Co points out how failure to manage suppliers rigorously can be potentially disastrous for a brand’s reputation
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  • Prof David Hughes and Miguel Flavian

    Are fictional farms dangerous brand territory for high-profile food-retailers?

    • , David Hughes and Miguel Flavián
    In an era where transparency and traceability for food products are top of mind, Professor David Hughes and Miguel Flavián argue that UK retailers must tread very carefully
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  • Paul Collins Commercial Director at Reynolds

    Superfoods – is it all good news?

    • , Paul Collins
    Reynolds’ commercial director, Paul Collins, discusses what challenges the growth in functional foods can pose to the supply chain
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  • Liz OKeefe

    Fruit and veg: the stars of summer eating and drinking

    • , Liz O’Keefe
    After attending an array of supermarket media shows, food writer and chef Liz O’Keefe tells us which produce items will be trending on the shelves over the next few months
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