Morrisons makes splash with extra-large fruit box that can feed families for days


Photo courtesy of Morrisons

To keep its customers eating healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic, Morrisons has launched an extra large box of produce that contains an incredible 135 portions of fruits and vegetables.

The 11kg box is priced at £22 and includes home delivery, a nice feature for those people who are vulnerable, elderly or self-isolating. 

"Our fruit and veg box contains a wide variety of affordable and good quality fruit and veg," Liz Taylor, Morrisons Fruit & Veg Director said. "A family can simply order one box - and get all of the vegetables they need for healthy meals for the week.” 

A typical Morrisons Fruit and Veg Box will contain:

  • Baking potatoes 2.5kg
  • Trimmed green beans 80g
  • Onions 1kg
  • Wonky carrots 1kg
  • Chestnut mushrooms 250g
  • Baby spinach 160g
  • Baby plum tomatoes 250g
  • The Best baby sweet peppers 250g
  • Royal gala apples (6 pack)
  • Ripen at home bananas (5 pack)
  • Unwaxed lemons (5 pack) 
  • Whole pineapple
  • Satsumas 600g
  • Red grapes 500g
  • Whole cucumber
  • Round lettuce

Morrisons now produces 30,000 food boxes a week. Customers can choose from 10 varieties including; a Vegetarian Food Box, Gluten Free Food Box, BBQ Food Box, Assorted Fish Box and British Farmers Food Box. 

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