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    Costly cutting: Avocado-related injuries, insurance claims on the rise in New Zealand

    Experts say improper slicing techniques to blame; patients at British hospitals in London also have been treated for 'avocado hand.' Read more >


    Great British Apples: What the growth target means for retailers and shoppers

    English Apples & Pears is planning an increased home-grown supply of affordable, high-quality, tasty apples it says consumers want. Read more >


    UK employers must be fair, flexible and responsive to attract and retain talent

    Martin Brown of food and fresh produce recruiter Henderson Brown discusses how to successfully maintain your workforce during a period of full employment in the UK. Read more >


    Greenyard Fresh UK opens new ripening rooms as part of £2M investment program

    Ribbon-cutting ceremony introduces new chambers, which increase Greenyard’s overall capacity and will help to improve the uniformity of its produce. Read more >


    The Worshipful Company of Fruiterers unveils exciting competitions for students, career climbers

    Up for grabs are internships at Berry Gardens and G’s Fresh, cash prizes and an Under 30s Award, plus other opportunities. Read more >


    Fallout from Brexit could have profound impact on food suppliers, restaurants in UK

    Borough Market managing director and Brindisa restaurant founder say there are a slew of potential pitfalls to consider regarding perishable items, especially in a no-deal scenario. Read more >


    High five! Reynolds named best restaurant produce supplier for fifth consecutive year

    Restaurant Magazine's Readers Choice award, chosen by chef throughout the UK, rewards the distributor with its highest honour for the fruit and veg category. Read more >


    UK taps Duchess of Cornwall's nephew to tackle 'unforgivable' amount of food waste

    Ben Elliot, who is appointed to a one-year voluntary role, says, 'As a nation, we need to stop this excessive waste and ensure that surplus food finds its way to people in our society who need it most.' Read more >

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Jim Prevor - The Perishable Pundit

Brexit Cowardice

Many supporters of Brexit have fallen into the trap of imagining a closed, sheltered society. View full post >

Jim Prevor - The Perishable Pundit

Perishable Pundit: Romaine lettuce and the nature of risk

Putting perspective and on a flawed understanding of risk and the latest on the produce crisis in the United States. View full post >


‘Doing Good Today, For Tomorrow’ Becomes Commonplace

Companies get serious about ‘making what we have last as long as possible‬’‭ ‬ View full post >