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  • JORG1

    'Captain of retail' Jorg Snoeck to speak at Amsterdam Produce Summit in November

    The founder of RetailDetail and international speaker discusses how to navigate the omni-channel revolution — new consumers, new technology, new outlets for shopping. Read more >


    Unique alliance to advertise vegetables in primetime on national TV and in stores

    Veg Power movement from Food Foundation receives unprecedented backing from ITV and six UK food retailers to inspire veg consumption. Read more >


    Amsterdam Produce Summit preview: How to profit from omni-channel proficiency

    Markon’s Tim York, one of the speakers at the November show, discusses the foodservice, retail and produce supply chain and 'providing customers the same products via offline and online' seamlessly. Read more >

  • FPJ Live 2018

    FPJ Live panel: Produce ‘ideally positioned’ to capitalise on UK consumer sentiment

    The desire for health and convenience present never-better opportunities for UK fruit and veg despite industry challenges, say trade representatives. Read more >


    New, integrated Birmingham Wholesale Market Company proves a buyers' delight

    The nearly £50 million development in Witton offers a big advantage to those purchasers at the market ... they can buy everything under one roof. Read more >


    Suntreat takes sweet to a new level with Sumo Citrus, its pairing with vineyards

    The Amsterdam Produce Summit exhibitor from California boasts a bevy of fruit varieties and as well as a unique partnership with Columbine Vineyards. Read more >

  • LIDL3

    With recent fresh retail awards, Lidl proving it's more than just a discount chain

    The grocery chain's double win as Produce Retailer of the Year and Fresh Flower Supermarket of the Year shows 'it very definitely punches above its weight in this category.' Read more >


    For 85th year, National Fruit Show set to feature the best from British growers

    The event, which will be held in Detling on 24-25 October, brings together farmers and technology for two days of networking, competitions and the enjoyment of fine fruit and cider. Read more >

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