Produce Business UK Archive

  • HR event 2019 David Frost Total Produce 2

    Look to the future: A smart succession plan can be vital for fresh produce business survival

    Total Produce director David Frost shares his methods for developing leadership talent, worker engagement and innovative thinking. Read more >

  • NIGEL1

    New human resources event envisages future workplace, workforce and work practices

    Philip Ross, David Frost and Perry Timms, three well-respected speakers, shared the progressive strategies required for the new world of work. Read more >

  • Mayda

    SealdSweet CEO talks about what she has seen and expects to see in world of global trade

    Mayda Sotomayor-Kirk: 'I have seen things and lived the most incredible human experience of seeing people — the workers, the laborers, the farmers, and the commitment they’ve had.' Read more >