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    'Staycations', holidays within the UK keep online orders on rise at Waitrose

    On the heels of its best week ever of remote orders, the UK retailer says it is bracing for an even bigger surge over the next few weeks of the summer. Read more >

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    Pleased with success during trial period, Aldi expands reach with Deliveroo

    The partnership will now feature 20 locations for customers to order online, with new areas being served this week in London, Manchester and Cambridge. Read more >


    Pundit Podcast 2: Despite COVID-19, schools should not throw away student's shot

    Rather than closing down, the data indicates that colleges and universities should be figuring out how to stay open; reasonable accommodations can and should make for the pandemic. Read more >


    IGS, Vertegrow complete deal to build Scotland’s first commercial vertical farm

    The site plans to be operational by 2021, delivering high-quality, fresh produce year-round to local customers including retailers, caterers and restaurateurs. Read more >

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    Nisa nearing £300,000 in donations to charitable groups since start of pandemic

    Through its Making a Difference Locally program, UK retailer partners continue giving to foodbanks and community groups that help promote health and wellbeing. Read more >

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    New Zealand: T&G Global launches first 'climate-change resistant' apple variety

    UK wholesaler Worldwide Fruit will help test and commercialize the HOT84A1 apple, which has been trialed in Spain and 'proven to be sunburn resistant.' Read more >

  • Aldi reusable bags

    Aldi says it plans to eliminate two billion single items of plastic by 2025

    The initiative is part of the supermarket chain's push to also ensure own-label products are recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2022. Read more >

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    Tesco turns up heat in stores by unveiling three scorching-hot chilli peppers

    Courtesy of grower Salvatore Genovese, the UK retailer is giving consumers a taste of Armageddon and others ... if they can handle it. Read more >

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    G’s puts family farming to grand scale and builds diverse business across globe

    Family members from one of the leading fresh produce companies in the UK discuss their growth, their perseverance and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Read more >

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    Despite coronavirus challenges, Total Produce reports 'satisfactory' start

    After a strong financial 2019, the Ireland multinational fresh produce company shows its resiliency to a difficult first half of the year. Read more >