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  • fIONA richmond

    Scotland online farmers’ market NeighbourFood targets expansion

    The digital market platform, which has seen a massive rise in orders during the pandemic, helps connects suppliers with consumers. Read more >


    Analysis: The impact of coronavirus on the food and agriculture industry

    A number of significant changes both in product specific data and also in consumer behaviours could indicate that the effects of Covid-19 are much greater than first thought. Read more >

  • LIDL3

    Oxfam: Lidl announces new measures to protect overseas workers

    The retailer has committed to strengthen its policy on human rights, provide more information about its suppliers, take steps to prevent modern slavery and offer competitive wages. Read more >

  • Furlough

    Furloughed Foodies feeding 2,100 Londoners per week, looking to help more

    The group of 400-plus recently laid off workers is delivering meals to NHS frontline workers across London and hoping to do more by helping food banks and homeless shelters. Read more >

  • Supply chain model

    GMB Union asks for urgent meeting with UK retailers over worker treatment

    The group asks for a summit between major supermarkets and government agencies after a leaked video from iTV shows threat of essential workers being sacked at food supplier. Read more >

  • apple and pears SA

    South African fruit group Hortgro says exports to UK will continue as planned

    "The apple harvest generally looks good this year and although the pandemic will definitely influence exports, we’re hoping that it will be as minimal as possible," du Preez says. Read more >

  • 2AP1TD2-b598c7937e0cb7c3ddb3d98f6d897d82

    WHO, European Commission stress food 'highly unlikely' to spread Covid-19

    Report states there's no evidence to date of viruses being transmitted via food or food packaging, while noting "coronaviruses cannot multiply in food." Read more >

  • Strawberry pickers in UK

    News and notes: Romanians flown in to help pick during pandemic, reports say

    As Land Army plans struggle to take root, farmers quickly look for other options to overcome shortages; Tesco opens first hospital popup store at NHS Nightengale. Read more >

  • waitrose_13178412905707 (1)

    Waitrose Rapid Deliveries service set to increase three-fold to serve 2.5 million

    The retailer is raising the number of available grocery slots each week to 30,000 by introducing its online collection service in 70 more shops across the UK. Read more >

  • morrisons

    Morrisons introduces 'Love To Help' measures for vulnerable and elderly

    Community Champions are helping to feed those in need in more efficient telesales service as the store ensures "those that are most in need can receive a delivery from a familiar face." Read more >