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    Narrow Thinking And Missed Opportunities: Trade Show Miscalculations

    There are myriad ways exhibiting at trade shows and industry events can lead to positive outcomes, but often not in a way the division paying for the booth will recognise. Read more >


    Red kiwifruit from Italy's Jingold wins Innovation Award at Fruit Logistica

    Germany's Frigotec wins silver for Softripe Ripening Technology; CKF in Canada nets bronze for top-seal, recyclable strawberry punnet. Read more >


    Chambers plugs gap in UK prepared fruit market with its own snacking division

    The Fruitery, its ‘market-leading’ ready-to-eat fruit facility, is packing own-label pots and punnets of mainly berries for retailers and foodservice operators. Read more >

  • Berries UK

    Soloberry launches two new brands, including Berry Basics, at Fruit Logistica

    The company is modernising its campaign efforts with a focus on nutrition and to help 'bring the berries to life, showing how they can be consumed in inspiring recipes.' Read more >


    European fresh fruit and veg sector facing tumultuous period, says Freshfel

    Despite growing complexities in the market, including potential fallout from Brexit, Freshfel tells businesses that 'waiting for conditions to return to normal can lead to missed opportunities.' Read more >


    Rabbit & Pork looks to future, harnessing power of voice technology in produce

    The rise of voice-recognition technology, set to take off in the FMCG world, is likely to be a game-changer in the retail industry as well as for consumers at home. Read more >


    Fresh Careers Fair: Getting ahead with ways to Brexit-proof your HR and recruitment

    With the post-Brexit landscape still unclear, Angel Human Resources gives its top tips on how employers can weather the storm. Read more >


    Dutch propose post-Brexit solutions to fast-track perishable exports to UK

    Green lanes would help fruit and vegetables, the most vulnerable Dutch exports, avoid disruption. 'The nightmare is our tomatoes and cucumbers rotting at the border.' Read more >


    Searcys embraces plant-based eating opportunity for fine dining occasions

    One of the UK’s oldest catering companies invites fresh produce suppliers to join its mission to put more fruit and vegetables on plates. Read more >


    UK signs trade continuity agreement with Chile as Brexit date approaches

    British Ambassador to Chile Jamie Bowden affirms, 'there will be no disruption to UK-Chile trade as the UK leaves the EU.' Read more >