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  • TESCO56

    Tesco's adoption of sunflower lanyards to help customers with hidden disabilities

    The supermarket says it has committed to making its stores a more accessible place for colleagues and customers in all business decisions. Read more >

  • ocado-van-carousel-image

    Ocado Retail picks Bristol as location of first mini customer fulfilment centre

    The small facility, which will be completed either late this year or early next year, will achieve productivity close to that in standard facilities. Read more >

  • waitrose_131781047161939

    John Lewis, Waitrose team with FareShare to offer Christmas dinners to those in need

    Waitrose leader: 'Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the festive season, which is why we will be hosting these lunches to spread some Christmas cheer to those who deserve it most.' Read more >


    Cosmic Crisp apple, buoyed by incredibly long storage life, hits stores in U.S.

    Sunday's release of Washington State University's prized new variety is already garnering huge buzz for its crisp taste and longevity. Read more >

  • INNO

    The 2019 Produce Business Innovation Awards And Finalists Are …

    The magazine honours its 10 most creative products from North America; the overall winner to be named at The New York Produce Show and Conference. Read more >


    Freshfel Europe data shows a positive trend in produce consumption

    The group and Aprifel have launched a campaign aimed at getting 18-to-30-year-olds to eat at least 400 grams of fruits and vegetables daily. Read more >

  • APEEL3

    Apeel Sciences expands global presence with offices in three countries

    The company, which is working with ASDA in the UK and focused on reducing food waste, will have new bases in the Netherlands, Peru and Mexico. Read more >

  • EmployeeImage

    Lidl giving back to employees in big way with increases in hourly wages

    The pay rise will directly benefit more than 19,000 employees, who Lidl's chief executive says "are the absolute backbone of our business.' Read more >


    Man returns to Asda Boldon to thank colleagues at store who saved his life

    Quick-thinking employees rush to rescue customer in distress, including using CPR for 45 minutes to revive him after he collapses. Read more >

  • Simon Parker

    Nuffield Farming Scholarships Trust to partner with agriscience company

    The major collaborative agreement helps pair NFST with Corteva, one of the world’s largest crop protection and seed firms. Read more >