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    Nisa retailers provide support to local communities during COVID-19 crisis

    Nisa's stores have donated almost £65,000 through the company's Making a Difference Locally campaign; workers continue to offer assistance on keeping communitites fed. Read more >

  • Strawberry worker UK

    Concerns rise throughout Britain over lack of seasonal labour to pick produce

    A soon-to-be shortage of pickers is prompting a call to action from the government and other agencies to have those who are out of work fill in the gaps on farms nationwide. Read more >

  • Aldi

    Aldi UK steps up recruitment drives with thousands of full- and part-time jobs

    Retailer still looking to fill 4,000 permanent positions, along with 5,000 new temporary roles at stores and distribution centres across the UK, including some that may become full-time. Read more >

  • morrisons

    Morrisons outlines new measures for colleagues, customers during outbreak

    The retailer plans to hire 3,500 workers during the crisis, while protecting colleagues with more guarantees on sick pay, creating a hardship fund and instituting strong safety measures. Read more >

  • TESCO79

    Tesco to recruit 20,000 temporary colleagues to help ease impact of coronavirus on retail

    The supermarket has launched a number of initiatives to help ensure stores are clean and supplies are kept high, but Lewis says, "It is fair to say that we find ourselves in uncharted waters." Read more >


    UK government relaxes laws on supermarket competition, drivers' hours

    Retailers will now be able to share data on stock level as well as work with each other to pool resources; ease of restrictions on deliveries also will ensure supplies are kept high. Read more >


    EU border restrictions disrupting food supplies, industry groups say

    They raised concerns over potential labour shortages, after more than a dozen countries either tightened or shut its borders as the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 rises. Read more >


    All 50 John Lewis shops will close Monday because of impact from coronavirus

    All Waitrose shops will stay open during the pandemic, and its websites, will serve customers. John Lewis Partnership aides with charitable donations and Community Support Fund. Read more >

  • event-cancelled

    Produce industry events cancelled or postponed because of coronavirus

    Popular gatherings across the globe, from Italy and the Netherlands to the United States, have either called off shows or have rescheduled their dates. Read more >

  • TESCO front

    Tesco boss tries to quell shopper concerns, reiterates that food is plentiful

    Allan: 'There’s plenty of product in the supply chain, there’s plenty of food at Tesco and other supermarkets, and I don’t think anybody needs to panic buy.' Read more >