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  • Rubens

    Serbian apple grower “excited” to distribute Rubens apple variety

    Delta Agrar will distribute the Gala and Elstar cross throughout Russia, Serbia and the Balkans region joining other northern hemisphere licensees enhancing the fruit’s international profile. Read more >

  • broccoli

    Spanish crops still “thin on the ground” as the impact of extreme weather continues

    Supplies of broccoli, salad leaves, peppers and tomatoes remain low following planting gaps earlier in the growing season, exacerbated by recent low light levels. Read more >

  • Cartama avocados in boxes

    Fresca Group inks deal promoting Colombian avocados in UK

    The new joint venture between South American growers and the Fresca Group, Cartama UK, will supply Hass to fast-growing British and European markets. Read more >

  • Jaffa Orr - resi

    Jaffa Orri Mandarin exporters target Chinese market

    Israel’s Plant Production and Marketing Board is ramping up sales to China following significant production increases this season. Read more >

  • strawberries

    Cold weather a blessing in disguise for Spanish strawberries

    The Freshuelva industry is also celebrating the growing relevance of locally developed varieties to reduce dependence on foreign programmes. Read more >

  • waitrose_1317817653829681

    Waitrose debuts year-round salad leaves grown under glass in UK, easing reliance on imports

    The recent weather challenges in Europe which have been affecting the supply of fresh produce to the UK makes hydroponic greenhouse cultivation of crops even more important. Read more >

  • ProHass president Daniel Bustamante and general manager Arturo Medina

    Peru: Early season avocados to ramp up in 2017, says ProHass president

    Exponential growth in avocado production out of Peru is no secret in the global produce industry, but a wider supply window may start to be felt this upcoming season. Read more >

  • Avi @ ADA Fresh, Israel

    Israeli herb growers expand production in Kenya

    ADA Fresh has finalised a deal to buy 94 hectares of Kenyan land to upscale basil production in a location with similar growing conditions to Israel. Read more >

  • Stefanie DHerde

    Digital certificates peel back bureaucracy for faster smoother banana shipments

    Organic bananas will move into Europe more efficiently, thanks to a new digital system coming online in April. Read more >

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Amy Lance

The bikers on a mission to educate kids about fruit and veg

Waitrose fruit buyer, Amy Lance, is on the last leg of her year-long sabbatical working with growers around the world. At her latest stop in South Africa she caught up with the guys behind ‘The Great Fruit Adventure’. View full post >


Is transparency the key to growing a food business?

Richard Hanwell, associate director of FMCG recruitment agency,The Sterling Choice, delves into the importance of transparency for food businesses pushed to reveal “the good, the bad and the ugly”, to their consumers - and what happens to them if they don’t. View full post >

Leena Camadoo Photo

Fairtrade Fortnight: Fighting exploitation and tackling transparency through banana certification

As part of Fairtrade Fortnight (Monday 27 February - Sunday 12 March), banana supply chain manager Leena Camadoo explains why certification must be matched with capacity-building. View full post >