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  • cherries2017

    Extra sunshine leads to cherry “crop flush”, says Tesco

    Hot British weather has led to abundant cherry supplies with the retailer buying 80 tonnes extra per week from English growers. Read more >

  • Container - twitter edit

    French startup secures £7M investment to grow strawberries in containers

    “We want to build the biggest brand for fruits and vegetables,” a French executive was quoted as saying. Read more >

  • drosophila

    Spotted wing Drosophila found for the first time in Chile

    It's a pest that's been a thorn in the side of blueberry growers from Europe to North America, and now it's been detected in the world's top exporting nation for the crop. Read more >

  • Nairobi-Yorkshire flgith

    Nairobi-Yorkshire route flying in Kenyan vegetables for UK retailers

    Weekly scheduled flights into Doncaster Sheffield Airport mark the beginning of a key route with import and export trade opportunities for Kenyan and British growers. Read more >

  • grapefruit-1647688_1280

    Strategic shift starts to bear fruit for South African grapefruit

    While recent droughts may have clouded the visible impact, production and marketing methods are changing for the "feast or famine" crop. Read more >

  • M&ampS laser avocados

    M&S pioneer cutting-edge laser labelling for avocados

    The British retailer say the innovative lasering method is a cost-effective, eco-friendly alternative to stickering. Read more >

  • Fruit mould1

    Bizarre shaped fruit and veg with a premium price tag

    Heart-shaped apples, square watermelons, Trump-esque pumpkins and Buddha-shaped pears - the fruit and vegetable moulds transforming produce into wacky shapes with extraordinary add-on value. Read more >

  • OTC-limes (1)

    OTC-Holland develops organic Colombian lime project

    The first limes arrived last week at the OTC bio-handling centre in Poeldijk, the Netherlands. Read more >

  • Bravo apple

    Australia: First overseas trials planned for Bravo apple this year

    From the same department that bred Pink Lady, the Burgundy-coloured apple is now grown in five Australian states. Read more >

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Amy Lance

The bikers on a mission to educate kids about fruit and veg

Waitrose fruit buyer, Amy Lance, is on the last leg of her year-long sabbatical working with growers around the world. At her latest stop in South Africa she caught up with the guys behind ‘The Great Fruit Adventure’. View full post >

Paul Wheeler Elementar

What happens to the Protected Designation of Origin scheme post-Brexit?

Elementar UK general manager, Paul Wheeler, explores how Brexit might impact PDO products in the UK amid concerns that small producers practising ancient methods could lose out to mass-production competitors. View full post >

Leena Camadoo Photo

Fairtrade Fortnight: Fighting exploitation and tackling transparency through banana certification

As part of Fairtrade Fortnight (Monday 27 February - Sunday 12 March), banana supply chain manager Leena Camadoo explains why certification must be matched with capacity-building. View full post >