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  • Nimisha Raja

    Nim's Fruit Crisps to hit Co-Op stores

    With 70% of the company's products made in Britain, the Nim's portfolio fits in well with the Co-Op's philosophy to source healthier and locally produced food. Read more >

  • Shutterstock PBUK apples and grapes - edit

    Dutch ports lose ground in European imports of Chilean fruit

    Europe received a sharp uptick overall in 2016-17 but the distribution of markets was very different to the previous campaign. Read more >

  • PBUK shutterstock melon - edit

    ETI "notes process of dialogue" between Fyffes and IUF

    A Fyffes spokesperson says the company continues "to work towards reinstatement to full membership in due course". Read more >

  • Tesco Food Waste Commitment

    Tesco partners with suppliers to tackle food waste

    Major fresh produce companies - including G's, Greenyard, Gomez and AMT Fruit - are included in a list of 24 suppliers that have joined forces with retailer Tesco to reduce food waste. Read more >

  • Indian-pomegranate-2-edit

    India: Kay Bee Exports to target "mainstream" US pomegranate market in 2018

    Shipments of the Bhagwa variety continue to the UK and Netherlands, with plans afoot to bolster the company’s export campaign with a solid US supply. Read more >

  • Buks Nel with Derek Corder and Bigbucks

    South Africa: Big plans for “Bigbucks” apple

    The new Gala strain delivers a better than expected packout at 93%, according to marketer and distributor Tru-Cape. Read more >

  • Galilee_export_Pomegranate_Akko_5-980x634

    Israeli pomegranate ripening slightly delayed by heatwave

    Quality remains good as supply begins soon with early variety Emek followed by Akko, Hershkovitz and Shani, according to Galilee Export. Read more >

  • cherries2017

    Extra sunshine leads to cherry “crop flush”, says Tesco

    Hot British weather has led to abundant cherry supplies with the retailer buying 80 tonnes extra per week from English growers. Read more >

  • Container - twitter edit

    French startup secures £7M investment to grow strawberries in containers

    “We want to build the biggest brand for fruits and vegetables,” a French executive was quoted as saying. Read more >

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Volkert Ingelsman

Make the true costs and benefits of food transparent

Long-time advocate of organic farming, HRH Prince Charles recently praised Eosta’s “true cost” accounting study. Here, general manager of the international distributor of fresh organic and fair fruits and vegetables explains what it’s all about. View full post >

Carl Edwards_LEAF_07.17.1

Inspiring young people about fresh produce

Recently appointed director of education and public engagement at environmental farming body, LEAF, Carl Edwards, talks about how to engage youngsters through fruit and vegetable storytelling and why that is key to increasing consumption. View full post >

Jaime Sanfélix, MD of Laser Food

Laser labelling: The branding revolution making its mark across Europe

From Scandinavia, to Germany, to the UK, the laser labelling of fresh fruits and vegetables is a phenomenon catching the interest of retailers and consumers, says Laser Food founder Jaime Sanfelix. View full post >