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  • ProHass president Daniel Bustamante and general manager Arturo Medina

    Peru: Early season avocados to ramp up in 2017, says ProHass president

    Exponential growth in avocado production out of Peru is no secret in the global produce industry, but a wider supply window may start to be felt this upcoming season. Read more >

  • Avi @ ADA Fresh, Israel

    Israeli herb growers expand production in Kenya

    ADA Fresh has finalised a deal to buy 94 hectares of Kenyan land to upscale basil production in a location with similar growing conditions to Israel. Read more >

  • Stefanie DHerde

    Digital certificates peel back bureaucracy for faster smoother banana shipments

    Organic bananas will move into Europe more efficiently, thanks to a new digital system coming online in April. Read more >

  • Przemysław Bładek

    Poland: Appolonia sends first exports to China

    After years of negotiations to gain access to China, the association has set a goal of 200 containers for the season. Read more >

  • Jaffa Orri Mandarin

    Jaffa Orri Mandarin exports set to soar

    Israeli supply of iconic Mandarins is expected to last until mid-May, extending the season by around four weeks. In the meantime, exporters look to North America and the Far East to avoid a glut in EU markets. Read more >

  • Stephen Hedderly

    Tipping the Iceberg

    One UK lettuce supplier reveals the true cost of the extreme weather in Spain, predicting a return to normality at the end of March or early April when rationing should cease. Read more >

  • Plantation-Tenerife-2-sq-Ana-Iacob-Photography

    MEPs approve safeguards against Ecuadorian banana surge

    Under the new measures, Ecuador would lose its preferential tariffs to the EU if it reaches an annual threshold. This follows concerns by EU growers that the increase in exports could adversely impact the market. Read more >

  • Tomatoes

    Mexican veggie industry must diversify, says AMHPAC

    In response to proposed import taxes in the U.S., a leading Mexican grower association is accelerating feasibility studies for market development in Europe, Russia and Asia. Read more >

  • Potatoes

    Morrisons buys Scottish potato packing plant

    New supply agreement between the retailer and Farmcare shows Morrisons commitment to working directly with Scottish growers. Read more >

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