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  • Cauliflower

    Tesco buys up cauliflower surplus as volumes peak following mild winter

    The retailer takes an extra 220,000 cauliflowers from UK suppliers as production spikes because of unseasonably good growing conditions. Read more >

  • grolocal 2

    Shipping containers converted into hydroponic “farm-in-a-box” growing system

    Hydroponic urban farming experts groLOCAL promote homegrown food production leasing repurposed shipping containers for quick grow cycle crops like leafy salad. Read more >

  • f.lli_orsero_04

    Italy: Amazon Prime Now delivers new line of Orsero Brothers exotics

    The Italian fresh produce supplier teams up with the online platform to debut avocado, mango and papaya in Milan and surrounding areas in a free two-hour delivery slot. Read more >

  • Leda grapes

    Jupiter rises with new “elite” grape brand

    A new brand of grapes focused on taste is getting excellent feedback following its launch by fresh produce supplier Jupiter Marketing. Read more >

  • Mission Produce

    Mission Produce opens first avocado ripening centre in Europe

    The company's CEO Steve Barnard highlighted avocado demand was growing faster in Europe than in North America. Read more >

  • Wonky Fruit Cardiff 3

    Tackling food waste by juicing “wonky” fruit

    The entrepreneurs behind new natural juice label Get Wonky source directly from UK and EU growers and orchards specifically targeting the ugly produce no one else wants. Read more >

  • Opal apples

    Non-browning variety Opal to take bigger bite of UK apple market

    As UK interest grows in the natural cross between Golden Delicious and disease-resistant Topaz, Opal plantings will increase to meet expected demand increases in the coming years. Read more >

  • tesco-organic-juicing-oranges

    Tesco resurrects “binned” blemished Spanish oranges for new juicing bag

    How a visit to Seville organic orange grove led to reducing a grower’s food waste and creating a new product. Plus the supermarket takes the hassle out of preparing tricky fruit like pomegranate, coconut and watermelon. Read more >

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Is transparency the key to growing a food business?

Richard Hanwell, associate director of FMCG recruitment agency,The Sterling Choice, delves into the importance of transparency for food businesses pushed to reveal “the good, the bad and the ugly”, to their consumers - and what happens to them if they don’t. View full post >

Amy Lance

The bikers on a mission to educate kids about fruit and veg

Waitrose fruit buyer, Amy Lance, is on the last leg of her year-long sabbatical working with growers around the world. At her latest stop in South Africa she caught up with the guys behind ‘The Great Fruit Adventure’. View full post >

Leena Camadoo Photo

Fairtrade Fortnight: Fighting exploitation and tackling transparency through banana certification

As part of Fairtrade Fortnight (Monday 27 February - Sunday 12 March), banana supply chain manager Leena Camadoo explains why certification must be matched with capacity-building. View full post >