Fresh This Month

  • Disney - First Class Chefs

    How Disney’s healthy-living agenda helps promote a fruit-and-vegetable-rich diet

    Disney reveals how it is using nutritional guidelines as an opportunity to market more produce to kids Read more >

  • UCFF - Angela Hartnett's Heritage Tomatoes

    Millennials driving organic-when-you-can market

    The importance to millennials of organics and ethical practices come under the spotlight as cultivation and cookery collide Read more >

  • Max MacGillivray - GFA

    Great Fruit Adventure departs for Africa on education mission

    Max MacGillivray and travelling companion Gareth Jones are Africa-bound from New Spitalfields Market to raise awareness about fresh produce Read more >

  • Peas Please - veg facts cover shot

    London Produce Show and Conference steps up to host major vegetable consumption summit

    Entire UK supply chain comes together to break down barriers to eating vegetables in the Peas Please initiative Read more >

  • Bart Veldkamp Barts bars

    Olympic gold-medallist on his marks for Amsterdam show

    Speed skater Bart Veldkamp will be on a fact-finding mission at The Amsterdam Produce Show
    Read more >

  • Generation Z mobile girl with berries

    Can mobile phones really encourage fresh produce consumption?

    Mobile content offers the industry a way to promote healthy eating among young people, but make sure it’s the right type of message Read more >

  • Keyvisual Groente-update Eet meer ons HR

    Dutch nutrition centre increases minimum recommended vegetable consumption level

    Find out more about an initiative to boost vegetable consumption in Holland, both on PBUK and at next week’s Amsterdam Produce Show and Conference Read more >

  • Rotterdam - GreenPort project

    How Rotterdam is pioneering a food revolution

    The Dutch city is rethinking where and how its population consumes, and produces, food Read more >

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Fresh Opinions

Paul Wheeler Elementar

What happens to the Protected Designation of Origin scheme post-Brexit?

Elementar UK general manager, Paul Wheeler, explores how Brexit might impact PDO products in the UK amid concerns that small producers practising ancient methods could lose out to mass-production competitors. View full post >

Amy Lance

The bikers on a mission to educate kids about fruit and veg

Waitrose fruit buyer, Amy Lance, is on the last leg of her year-long sabbatical working with growers around the world. At her latest stop in South Africa she caught up with the guys behind ‘The Great Fruit Adventure’. View full post >

Leena Camadoo Photo

Fairtrade Fortnight: Fighting exploitation and tackling transparency through banana certification

As part of Fairtrade Fortnight (Monday 27 February - Sunday 12 March), banana supply chain manager Leena Camadoo explains why certification must be matched with capacity-building. View full post >