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    Young chef competition to drive Peruvian super food usage in the UK

    The initiative aims to raise the profile of Peruvian ingredients, from fruit to fish, in modern British cooking by awarding budding chefs work placements at top Peruvian restaurants. Read more >


    UK fruit imports held steady in 2017

    Avocados and oranges were star performers in the market, while returns were not as positive for bananas, grapes or apples. Read more >

  • Chef Academy 2017_010

    Looking for a truly fresh career in foodservice? Simon Esner of WSH Ltd. offers some tips

    One of the hospitality sector’s most commended Business Development Directors highlights the merits of working in the foodservice industry for life. Read more >


    Exchange rate challenge hits Italian grape exporter in UK market

    Agricoper sales manager says 'Cotton Candy is not a commodity' and that British retailers cannot expect shippers to sustain losses much longer. Read more >

  • Tesco Packs

    Fruit and Veg Crisps company caps expansion by agreeing to major deal with Tesco

    More than 1,500 stores nationwide will sell Nim's apple, pear and beetroot & parsnip varieties, which are made exclusively from fruit and vegetables sourced from the UK. Read more >

  • Total Produce QC

    Total Produce chief sees good times ahead with Dole deal

    "Ultimately, you don’t necessarily need to control 100% of an organisation from day one to start planning cooperation," says Total Produce chief executive Rory Byrne. Read more >


    National Careers Service offers recruitment tips for employers

    The organisation suggests targeting local job centres, colleges and schools, as well as working directly with the careers advice sector, or even ‘growing your own’ talent. Read more >


    Martin of Barclays Agriculture: Find your passion, always aim to leave a legacy

    National Research Manager discusses company's first-ever agriculture apprentice programme in banking, running alongside its other apprenticeships and graduate schemes. Read more >

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Letter from America: Finding Opportunities in Changing Times

Import labour or import produce: Britain‭, ‬of course‭, ‬as with the U.S. or any country‭, ‬has many‭, ‬often-conflicting interests‭ View full post >


Food Of The Future: Folly Or Fact?

Cool Fresh will host a 24-hour marathon brainstorming session for 150‭ ‬‘bright young minds’‭ ‬that will identify challenges fresh produce companies face and create solutions‭. View full post >


Greetings from America! Prepare for 'Produce Shark Tank'

Harris Cutler, who is president and chief executive of Race-West Company, Philip G. Ball Co. and Sparky’s Transportation Corp. in the United States, discusses how to stay on the cutting edge of wholesale produce distribution. View full post >