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    Italian summer fruit season challenged by weather problems

    Production expected to drop dramatically for apricots, peaches and nectarines, which were hit hard by freezing temperatures, then excessive humidity, during late winter and early spring. Read more >

  • LPS18f

    Plant-based here to stay, say experts at London Produce Show Foodservice Forum

    Whether it's flexitarian, vegetarian or vegan, more and more consumers are looking for healthy and sustainable plant-based food, presenting opportunities to sell more fresh produce. Read more >


    Self service pineapple slicing machine set for huge global growth

    Dutch Food Technology shows off innovation at London Produce Show and Conference that lets customers place pineapple into machine, which slices it and returns it in a plastic tub within seconds. Read more >


    Panelists from London Produce Show discuss consumption, market evolution and sustainability

    Panel of nine global retail and foodservice buyers, plus one NHS doctor, shared their ideas about how to grow the fresh produce industry based on current trends. Read more >

  • wieloch

    London Produce Show: ICA scoops international award for marketing produce to kids

    The company was recognised for its initiative last year over the Halloween period, during which it launched a line of monster-themed fruit and vegetables. Read more >

  • DAY1

    Top speakers, leaders take center stage on opening day at London Produce Show

    The year's premier event for the fresh fruit and vegetable industry opens at Grosvenor House, Park Lane, with spirited discussions, informative seminars and opportunities to network and engage. Read more >


    UK market: Why buyers can no longer expect supply to come automatically

    London Produce Show and Conference speaker John Giles of Promar International analyses how buyers can compete in the face of expanding routes to market in the United Kingdom. Read more >

  • FELIX52

    Saving grace: The Felix Project rescues food and changes lives in process

    The London-based organisation, which will be on hand for The London Produce Show, redistributes food that would otherwise be wasted and gives it to schools and other charities across the city. Read more >

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The Pacific Alliance: What is it all about?

The possibilities seem endless of the UK expanding its work with Peru, Chile, Mexico and Colombia. View full post >


Letter from America: Finding Opportunities in Changing Times

Import labour or import produce: Britain‭, ‬of course‭, ‬as with the U.S. or any country‭, ‬has many‭, ‬often-conflicting interests‭ View full post >


Greetings from America! Prepare for 'Produce Shark Tank'

Harris Cutler, who is president and chief executive of Race-West Company, Philip G. Ball Co. and Sparky’s Transportation Corp. in the United States, discusses how to stay on the cutting edge of wholesale produce distribution. View full post >