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    London Produce Show preview: Spanish PDO loquat presents opportunity to differentiate

    Produced artisanally under Protected Denomination of Origin certification in Alicante, grower-supplier Cascriva is offering the loquat as a fresh proposition for UK retail buyers. Read more >


    Fake wasabi grates on British growers who are the real deal

    The Wasabi Company in the UK is painstakingly growing the old-fashioned way in natural streams, maintaining nutritional benefits of the plant, while others try to replicate the process under cover. Read more >


    New Spitalfields Market to host Wholesale Market Tour at London Produce Show

    ‘The World Under One Roof’: one of the UK’s premier fruit and vegetable markets promises to show delegates its vibrant, diverse and forward-thinking trading environment. Read more >


    Beautiful partnership: South Africa pledges to remain relevant to UK market

    The stone fruit and top fruit sectors are continuing to innovate to deliver the "great-tasting fruit" demanded by UK consumers. Read more >


    Amazing youngsters impress produce, foodservice Dragons at Fresh Careers Fair

    The next generation of food and drink professionals confidently demonstrated their passion and competency when faced with two panels of produce and foodservice experts. Read more >

  • FCF students

    Fresh Careers Fair 2018 connects new talent with industry greats

    Last week's event matched skilled jobseekers from UK-wide educational institutions with relevant leading employers in their fields. Read more >

  • Affinitus 4

    Affinitus aspires to take growing and packing software to new levels

    The UK developer has secured two new contracts for its upgraded agricultural and packing management software that’s designed to raise efficiency, traceability and profitability. Read more >


    Chef offers inspiring advice on getting fresh career start

    Fresh Careers Fair mentor Simon Boyle tells apprentice hopefuls, 'There are not many chefs out there currently, so it’s definitely a buyers market with lots of opportunities.' Read more >

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Restraint of trade: Limits on what is morally, socially or legally acceptable

Employees often leave to join competitors. What you do before that happens can have a lasting impact on your company's future. View full post >


Letter from America: Finding Opportunities in Changing Times

Import labour or import produce: Britain‭, ‬of course‭, ‬as with the U.S. or any country‭, ‬has many‭, ‬often-conflicting interests‭ View full post >


Greetings from America! Prepare for 'Produce Shark Tank'

Harris Cutler, who is president and chief executive of Race-West Company, Philip G. Ball Co. and Sparky’s Transportation Corp. in the United States, discusses how to stay on the cutting edge of wholesale produce distribution. View full post >