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  • Marnix

    Developing talent is key to fresh produce industry innovation

    How industry and education are coming together to solve the problems of the modern marketplace - HAS University lecturers delve into training the experts of tomorrow. Read more >

  • Rod Hawkes

    Cornell expert talks leadership at New York Produce Show Foundation Excellence programme

    Rod Hawkes’ asks 'What makes a good leader?' as he delves into the key success factors of career development as part of Cornell University's Future Leaders in Produce Programme. Read more >

  • Laurence Olins at NYPS

    Uncertain future for Britain’s booming berry industry as Brexit looms

    UK soft fruit industry is bracing itself for Brexit as border controls, tariffs, immigration restrictions and labour shortages threaten to damage the booming berry category. Read more >

  • Lets be positive

    Let's be positive about boosting fresh produce consumption, says Dutch expert

    Wageningen University’s Dr. Herman Peppelenbos outlines how we can increase fresh produce consumption during his presentation at the recent Amsterdam Produce Show Read more >

  • Nic Jooste, Cool Fresh

    New York Produce Show: Future proof fresh produce by engaging Generation Z

    Guest speaker at the NYPS Global Trade Symposium, Nic Jooste, unveils unique research on how the fresh produce industry can avoid being “left swiped” by generation Z. Read more >

  • Salmonella - salad ABAB7576

    What salmonella-in-salad-bags research could mean for the fresh-cut sector

    The fresh produce and chilled foods sectors react to a University of Leicester study about the risk of pathogen growth in prepared produce Read more >

  • AHDB - spidermite damage on tomato crop

    Amber project brings a warm glow to crop protection outlook

    Growers in the UK are being given greater confidence to work with biopesticides thanks to a new AHDB initiative Read more >

  • Food waste shutterstock

    Why competition can help in the battle to reduce food waste

    National project FoodBattle pits Dutch households against one another in a novel war on waste Read more >

  • Healthy eating in the office

    Finding new eating occasions for consumers to choose fruit and vegetables

    Research suggests we need innovative ways of serving fresh produce to get people to pack more into their diet Read more >

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Two countries, one aim – let’s increase vegetable consumption

On the eve of The Amsterdam Produce Show and Conference, Tommy Leighton looks at Dutch and UK initiatives to boost vegetable uptake View full post >

Jim Prevor

In true Trump fashion, the UK should use leverage of being tariff-free to all nations except the EU

Jim Prevor shares his insights into the post-Brexit behaviour of UK politicians as he wonders whether pulling out of the EU means shrinking back to the British Isles, maintaining the status quo with Europe or opening up to the non-European world? View full post >

Jonathan Winchester Shopper Anonymous

In uncertain times, be the certainty your customer needs

Customer experience analyst Jonathan Winchester gives his six top tips to keep customers reassured and relying on you View full post >